Cookies: in order to recognize your ID during your stay in the hospital, the application installs a cookie valid for 72 hours. After this time you will have to login again if you have not used your application during this time.

In accordance with data protection legislation.
Data we process when you use the A LA CARTE application.
Personal data: location of the hospital, name, surname, room number, your meals ordered.
We process these data for the following reasons:

  • • to allow our services to propose food tailor-made to your diet as prescribed by the hospital center;
  • • to improve the quality of our services and develop new ones through a satisfaction survey, anonymized and integrated within the application;
  • • to offer you services tailor-made to your stay;
  • • to strengthen security by protecting you against fraud and abuse.
Parental code: For children, whose age is transmitted by the hospital center, a parental code allowing the meal ordering via the application is distributed by the nursing staff. If you are in this case of use and you are passing on this code to your child, he/she may order meals under your sole responsibility.

Data management:
Your data (name and surname) disappears from the app when your hospital stay ends.
For this you must have checked, when registering for these services, the box inviting you to delete your data in the meal processing software of the hospital. If you have not done so, you can always ask the hospital staff.
Once your stay ended, you will no longer be able to order meals.
Only the depersonalised data with regard to the room number and related meal orders will be kept.

All data in this application are processed in a secure data center, based in Europe and ISO 27100 certified.
You can ask to modify or delete all your own data via SupportALC.BE@sodexo.com
Our GDPR policy (FR): https://be.sodexo.com/home/legal-privacy/global-data-protection-policy.html